Oh, life.

Hey, world. Is anyone still out there? Doubtful, but I’m doing this thing anyway.

It’s been almost two years since I last posted here. Nine months ago today, my entire life as I knew it changed… without my consent. No need to vomit that crap all over you, but let’s get one thing straight…

It was the best thing that ever could have happened to me!
<< virtual fist bump >>


Today, I am living with more joy, confidence, love, acceptance (of myself), forgiveness, freedom and excitement than ever before in my entire life. The events leading up to this moment in time were simply the journey I was on. There’s no point in living in those moments anymore. Today, I live in a place of true thankfulness for every single second of life I have lived because without each one of them, I wouldn’t be Whitney. I wouldn’t be this girl. I like this girl. I love this girl. This girl is pretty amazing. Can I say that? Can I be confident and love who I am without sounding like a total jackass? I hope so. I hope you can, too.


I know it’s not easy, sweet one, but you deserve a life of freedom + this world needs to see that in you. When will we stop dimming our light to make others feel more adequate? That helps NO ONE! Shine brightly, and never cower with insecurity or shame. Live boldly!  Let yourself soar + beam with hope, love and kindness!

You are so insanely amazing, and it is possible to walk through life with graceful boldness. I’m still learning how to. Some days, I want to hide. Some days, I want to curl up in a ball and cry. Some days, I want to believe all the crushing words of others. Some days, I want to laugh until I pee. Some days, I do all of these things and feel like an idiot. However, I’ve never regretted embracing the boldness to be real, transparent, honest, vulnerable and kind to those around me… but… especially to myself. You deserve kindness. You deserve grace. You deserve freedom.

I’m cheering you on. I’m cheering me on. We got this, kids. xo

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