Sketchbook Sneak Peak – Stand Tall With Open Arms to All the World


Happy Tuesday to you! Hope your week so far has been full of laughter + hugs. Sending you a great big virtual squeeze right now! Life can get crazy. We can get so deep in our own thoughts, goals + tasks, we forget to walk out life with our arms open and ready to receive. Maybe, if we approached each precious day we have on this beautiful planet with an open heart and mind, we just might be amazed at what we get to experience. Keep those arms open! Accept what is given to you with a grateful heart.

Enjoy your the rest of your week! Here’s a little peek into an old sketchbook. xo Whitney


Welcome to my dream.


Today marks Day 1 of seeing a BIG dream become a reality. I’ve been blogging off and on since 2008, but life has maintained a pace of “crazy”  over the years. Since I first started blogging, we’ve lived in 4 states, 7 different apartments/homes all over the US… Honolulu, Maryland, San Diego and now Seattle, Washington. Not to mention, frequent travel by car and plane several times a year to see family and friends all over the country, setting up and tearing down of living spaces over and over, major surgeries and just plain intense life experiences.

Fast forward to 2014, I find myself looking back with regret (and guilt!) at not maintaining my creative blogging for my personal benefit. I love to look back and see my life as I’ve chronicled it through the months and years. Sort of a digital visual journal of all my creative ventures, silly projects, wonderful travels, good eats, etc. Of course, I still have that in the form of the thousands of photos I’ve taken regardless of blogging, but there is a certain joy in scrolling through the highlights of your life in blog/journal form. To see those moments, creations, travels and memories that truly meant the most to you, that you treasured enough to share with the world… that’s special.


But, as someone who is far too hard on herself constantly, I will not feel regret or guilt, but I will simply start again. Isn’t that the beauty of a new day? Every morning, we humans have the chance to begin again. We get to slough off yesterday and open our eyes to 24 hours of possibility, happiness, joy, newness and freshness. We get to make it the very best day we can!

Today is a good day. Today is when I begin again. Today is when my dreams reboot. Today is when I open my life, my heart and my creative soul to you. Today.

(Original Watercolor/Micron Pen Illustration by Whitney Angel pictured above.)