Sketchbook Sneak Peak – Stand Tall With Open Arms to All the World


Happy Tuesday to you! Hope your week so far has been full of laughter + hugs. Sending you a great big virtual squeeze right now! Life can get crazy. We can get so deep in our own thoughts, goals + tasks, we forget to walk out life with our arms open and ready to receive. Maybe, if we approached each precious day we have on this beautiful planet with an open heart and mind, we just might be amazed at what we get to experience. Keep those arms open! Accept what is given to you with a grateful heart.

Enjoy your the rest of your week! Here’s a little peek into an old sketchbook. xo Whitney


Go Easy on Yourself Today

Be Kind to YouI don’t know about you, but I’ve felt a little defeated lately. I’ve set lots of ambitious goals for myself in my creative endeavors, but not seeing as much progress as I’d like due to my own mental battle that never stops. This spaghetti bowl of thoughts and questions that plays on a constant loop to an almost paralyzing degree plagues the brain of this creative soul.

It’s annoying.

And, don’t get me started about the unorganized mess our home is right now! It seems to only grow and morph into this beast rather than go away despite my attempts to clear the clutter (thrift store outings are not helping!) and implement organization which only adds to those feelings of defeat and disappointment in myself. Where are my minions?

Our minds are such powerful tools for growth, but we must reverse our perspective.
We see all we didn’t get done rather than all of the wonderful things we did accomplish. We focus on things we missed rather than all of the amazing things we did experience. We analyze our mistakes rather than our successes. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Stop!

We are phenomenal creatures full of life and love to share in this great big world.
Start spreading that sh*t around like glitter from a unicorn’s butt!

I challenge you (and me) to go easy on yourself today. Be kind to you.
Stop the negative commentary in your head the moment it starts.
Be proud of who you are today! No one else can be you. That’s pretty amazing.

xo whitney

Hello, 2015!


I don’t know about you, but I am thankful for the start of a new year. Not that 2014 was all bad, but it was a challenging year for me… make that two years.

We transferred to Seattle exactly two years ago this month. Honestly, it has been the hardest transition for me. During that first week, I doodled this little drawing on a coaster at our hotel. I found it a couple weeks ago, and it has brought me such comfort as I reflect over the good times and more challenging moments I have faced. Growth takes time. Truly.

We have had some amazing adventures here in the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the privilege to live, but I also find myself in these deep, dark holes of depression that I can’t shake. Those moments suck the life out of me and stand in the way of everything. Super frustrating! This Debbie Downer takes over my mind. I dislike that girl. She is not me. Debbie has to go because the creative, joyful, vibrant woman I know that I am is desperate to be present here… now!

The seasons of life are a blessing. We learn from them. We grow from them. We are better for walking through darkness. We are more joyful and appreciative of the light. We adore spring because we have endured the winter season. What appears as a time of death is, in fact, a crucial time of growth that we must embrace if we hope to move forward. For me, the past two years seem to have been that season. A season for which I have not always been grateful for, but a season that was needed for roots to grow stronger. And, one I’m still learning from as I move into this new year.

This next season is the beginning of something incredible. I feel it in my bones! My skin is tingly with anticipation. I can’t help but smile for the potential ahead. This is my year. This is my spring. This is my time to blossom and bloom!

May you find joy and gratitude in whatever season this is for you. If it’s winter, just know that it’s not forever. The sun will shine again. The snow will melt. There is joy ahead! You are stronger already than you were yesterday. And, you are not alone.

xoxo Whitney